NYE @ Hyatt Bellevue Glitter City Gala

Philly's Top New Year's Eve Party

Glitter City Gala at Hyatt at The Bellevue

Sunday, December 31st, 2017 | 8pm - 2am | 21+

200 S Broad St , Philadelphia PA 19102

Hyatt Bellevue Glitter City Gala  Philadelphia NYE
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New Years Party Description

New Year's Eve is all about your friends, the party, what's included, and the location - and this year, we have the very best option in town!  The Glitter City Celebration will be the most well-attended, fun, and talked about New Year's Eve event in Philadelphia.  This year, over 1,500 guests will "dress up, get down and ring in the New Year right" on multiple party floors with superstar-band the Rockets rocking the stage with live music all night long!

About The Venue

The Hyatt at the Bellevue is Philly's most breathtaking and timeless location providing the perfect backdrop for the most amazing NYE party in Philadelphia.  The venue is absolutely the best in the entire city, featuring iconic detail, a huge dance floor, and live stage.  One thing is for sure... if you wait to buy tickets, you will not get them as this event is the most exclusive in the city and will sell out.

About The Party

VIPs can party in a separate, private VIP mezzanine area so we can cater to you in style with buffets, top-shelf vodka bars, sushi and more.

The best venue, tons of bars & bartenders (no long lines for drinks!), the hottest crowd, bands, Philly's best DJs (DJ Sojo and DJ Joe Broscoe), professional photographers and videographers, giant ball drop screens, dancing, martinis, champagne, people watching, multiple floors, grand staircases, great food & carving stations, and your favorite name-brand drinks.  

Interested yet? Yeah, we thought so.. Hotel Room Block Coming Soon.

The Liberty Drop

NEW - JUST ADDED!  Join Us for Philly's First Ever LIVE "Liberty Bell Drop"!

Picture it:  It's a few minutes before midnight and the clock is counting down.  Then we hit 11:59pm and our own special lit up Liberty Bell starts to fall.  We inch closer to the new year and then everyone starts to shout "10, 9, 8...." all the way to "1"...  As the clock strikes 12, The Liberty Bell stops and tens of thousands of pieces of confetti explode on the crowd at the stroke of midnight to ring in 2018.  WOW IS RIGHT!  There will be something truly amazing happening at this event.  The very first Bell Drop™ - a moment you'll never forget and you can only experience this at the Glitter City Gala.

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There are two things that seperate great DJ's from the pack, an understanding and passion for great music and the talent to take a crowd on a full fledged journey while behind the turntables. These things are the model that define an entertainer like DJ Joe Broscoe.  Whether it's a crowd of 100 or 1,000, Broscoe delivers a high energy performance night after night while seamlessly blending and scratching multiple genres of music and music videos.  His natural abilty to captivate any audience from start to finish is an experience to be seen and heard.

Let the party begin...


The average man works around forty hours a week, going home with a modest paycheck, repeating the life he built.

Most men never stop to seek out a dream once made... In the life of DJ/Producer Anthony Sojo, a commitment to his dream, passion for greatness and fire to succeed has landed him in a world he has built over the last 18 years. Growing up with family in music, and hard working parents, Sojo developed a tenacious work ethic that carried him through many stages of his career.

At the age of 17, he began to train his ears on an old set of Technics 1200s. With his first attempt mashing up 2 hit records, the magic of music was unlocked. Starting off in a mobile DJ company called UltraSound Sojo learned the artform of reading people right from the start.

“To me, technical ability aside, a DJ has to be able to tap into his sixth sense of reading his room. Playing to a crowd that owns your music is one thing. But the magic is walking into a room of people all different ages, ethnicities & social classes and making them dance to your set is where it happens! To me, it’s always been about the room first and I learned that in the mobile world. “

Sojo started to make his way through the local NJ & Philadelphia nightlife circuit and held down major residencies in some of Philly’s best venues. Giants like Egypt, Shampoo & Flow molded Sojo’s style as a DJ. Having love for multi formats of music and so much experience playing them live Sojo felt the next step was radio. After holding down successful mixshows with Philadelphia’s 96.5 the point & Wired 96.5 Sojo started feeding his sense for creativity by teaching himself music production and engineering. With the key to success kept close, an empire of an artist began to brand and establish in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Becoming such an influential person to his trade, Sojo built and expensed a place once known as his garage into a therapeutic chamber of art & wonder, The “Creation Station”.

Starting as a club & house DJ- Producer he continually re-worked his style towards an evolving hip hop and r&b scene. Never forgetting his dance music roots Sojo currently furtheringan exploration of his techniques in the open format dance movement. Connections with fellow artists started to arise, presenting more opportunities to collaborate. Who knew an idea brainstormed with friend and now partner DJ Dramadik would put him on a brand new path yet again. Enter The Senate DJs, a union of leaders and elite DJs with their own brands, crews and movements . their interests and beliefs all fall in line working together to share our art with the world. Keeping up with his extensive studio sessions, his DJ career was evolving. Technology as a DJ gave him more of a chance to manipulate the time of music, leaving Sojo an elevated moment to add to his performance.
Adding Serato, with built in video output capability a “Live Video Remixer stepped up to the plate. Sojo took all of his DJ talents and incorporated them visually to display to any size crowd.

“I love being a video DJ! It really adds dimension when done right. The songs always take us back, but my generation and younger knows music videos. You can see the scratching, you can visually witness the music videos blending and I have complete control over transitions and overlays. It’s definitely my favorite show! “

In 2014 Sojo teamed up with German equipment manufacturer Reloop officially endorsing their RP-8000 turntable and adopting his first sponsorship as a professional DJ . Perfectinghis talents throughout the years, Sojo’s aptitude to transform a room, venue or stage has satisfied and exceeded expectations of many. Giving off a flow that attracts a vibe that can only be felt deep down. Collaborating his skills as a DJ and mind of a producer, Sojo’s live set has set the bar to a pinnacle reach. With such a promising future, Anthony Sojo has blazed a pathway that changes the game forever. All of his hard work and education made him a force of power, leaving nothing off limits.

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